Antal Gabelics

New Khmer Architecture Series

Cambodia defines itself as a nation through it’s strong architectural heritage. Many buildings hold Cambodia’s history, and through them, future generations are able to discover their past culture and understand present reality.

The buildings included in this series are creations of French architects (Psar Thom Thmei 2-3, designed by Jean Desbois and construction works were supervised by Louis Chauchon) from the late Colonial Era, and the new generation of Cambodian architects such as Vann Molyvann and Lu Ban Hap (remainder of the images) had the opportunity to study abroad, conceiving new ideas of architectural design of the 20th century and combining them with traditional Khmer architectural style.

Constant change is part of the existence of every city. People’s needs evolve in every generation and the shape of the environment reflects this. These buildings are part of the past as new tendencies arise. These photographs are paying homage to the ideas that shaped Cambodia’s first steps in newly found Independence after the Second World War.

As a photographer, the style widely known as New Khmer Architecture in visual appearance and impact is uniquely striking, compelling and impressive. The application of forms and shapes reflecting the light and drawing shadows in the frame creating dynamic compositions. My approach was to create images of these buildings as they would have looked after completion of their original construction.


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