We present the complete catalogue of all available paintings and fine art lithographs by Christian Develter.
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Fine Art Lithographs

A lithograph is an authorised copy of an original work chosen and authorised by the artist. It is either created by himself or by other skilled craftsmen with the artist’s supervision. To create a fine art print, the artist goes through a careful process of experimentation in order to achieve the optimum combination of colours, effects and form through a complex texture creation process.

Christian Develter selected several of his most sought-after works to be included in a series of limited edition colour prints. Each of these lithographs are individually approved, signed and numbered by the artist himself, and comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

More information about each collection is available below.


France Collection

Bangkok Lithographs - DETAILS

Lithographs – Bangkok Collection

For this series of lithographs, Christian Develter enlisted the expertise of Associate Professor Kunjana Dumsopee of the Department of Fine Art of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand. The leading expert in the field, Prof. Dumsopee was in charge of overseeing the production of these prints. 

The printing process which creates a lithograph is different from other traditional methods. The lithograph process hinges on the principle that oil and water cannot mix. An oil-based variety of ink is applied directly on the plate on which the printmaker has etched the image, and immediately bonds with the crayon lines. Water is then wiped into the remaining unpainted areas to discourage the ink from smearing.  A sheet of paper, preferably one with a high cotton content, is then placed over the entire plate. For this process, Develter used 285gsm Fabriano paper from Italy, one of the best quality archival fine art papers in its field.

The inked plate and the paper are placed in a press and light pressure is used to transfer some of the ink. A color lithograph of an elaborate Develter painting requires several different runs with up to four different colour inks: black, red, yellow and blue. The same paper would be placed precisely over the re-inked plates, eventually creating a lithograph.

Since the process of creating a lithograph can be just as time-consuming and detailed as an original painting, printing runs are often kept low to preserve value.

This collection of lithographs are produced in limited editions of 25, 50 and 99 pieces only.

Singapore Lithographs - DETAILS

Lithographs – Singapore Collection

This series of lithographs are printed in Singapore in collaboration with The Frame Society. They are printed in a limited edition series of 25 on certified archival, acid-free paper. The water-resistant Elegance Velvet Platinum Edition fine art paper on which the lithographs are printed on are made from 100% cotton fibre and is acid and lignin free. – Singapore November 2017

France Lithographs - DETAILS

Lithographs – France Collection

This specific series of lithographs are printed in Toulouse, France, in collaboration with Canson – a master craftsman of fine art paper whose history spans back to 1557 when the factory first started. The prints are produced in a limited edition series of 30. – Siem Reap, February 2017.

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